Booking Conditions

All off-peak days are payment at the door only. You can also turn up on peak days and pay at the door but we always recommend pre-booking to guarantee entry during busier times. You should always check the booking calendar just before visiting on peak days, to check a session is running and that it still has spaces.

We are now a cash-free site. Credit card payments only

Off-peak days
As off-peak days are pay-at-the-door only, we cannot offer refunds after entry except in exceptional circumstances, when we may offer a coupon to the value of your visit for use at a later date (for example, you come in for a few minutes and are then called away for an emergency).

Peak days
We can refund any booking if more than 24 hours notice is given prior to the session start time. We almost always honour refund requests with less than 24 hours notice too, but it depends on how busy we are and how we are notified. We cannot honour refunds requested after the session start time.

We are charged a transaction fee even if a payment is subsequently refunded, so this will be deducted from all refunds that are not our fault. If you simply wish to move your booking rather than cancel you will not be charged.

Cancellations are rare and are a last resort, usually for situations out of our control.

For off-peak days we will endeavour to notify customers of a last-minute cancellation via our website, email or social media channels but it may not always be possible dependent on the nature of the cancellation.

For peak days we will always try and cancel bookings with at least 24 hours notice but this may not always be possible (as an example, if we have a local power cut just before opening). You will of course receive a full refund or a free transfer of the same booking to another date/time.

For peak days please bring your booking confirmation with you in case of any problems; on-screen is fine.


Off-Peak days – You may arrive/leave at any time within our opening hours but you cannot make multiple visits for the same entrance fee. EG. you can arrive at 9.30am and stay until closing time if you wish, but you cannot leave late morning then come back again an hour later to ‘continue’ your session. Last entry is an hour before closing time.

Peak days – You should adhere to the times stated on your booking. You can arrive/leave at any time within the two-hour session but our building is closed to the public between sessions

The Booking Calendar – Peak days

  • If a session is showing on the calendar then it is available.
  • If a session is showing on but is struck-out, then it’s full (or already started).
  • If a session is not showing, that means it has been removed for that day.

Who needs to book on peak days?

All members of your party must be booked in, including newborns and adults, as every individual is counted for capacity controls.


The Covid pandemic is behind us but we are vigilant as always and still have many procedures for minimising infections. If you or your child are ill please ask to transfer your booking to another date.

Choosing where to sit

Whilst we should always have enough seating to accommodate our capacity, we kindly ask all customers to select a table of comparable size to their group, to avoid any seating issues.

Squared Members

Squared members may visit at any time but this only covers the number of children on your subscription, plus one free adult per subscribed child. If you have any other guests coming, including additional adults, on peak days then they must be pre-booked otherwise they may not gain entry. 


We have one private session slot available each day we are open.


We may be flexible with slot times but these would need to be agreed on an ad-hoc basis and an additional charge may be required.

Activity during the session

As you are hiring our space for your own use you may operate the session as you wish. However, because of this we do not have the same controls as we would during our normal public sessions, so you are responsible for ensuring your gathering follows our play centre rules . Please contact us if you are unsure, or if your gathering may involve an unusual idea that needs our pre-approval. 

Capacity Limits

There is no minimim number of attendees for private sessions, although you do need to be sensible, as having the whole building to yourself will look very empty without at least a few children! It is unlikely you’ll reach our maximum capacity but please let us know if you are planning more than 100 guests in total. 

Own Food/Drink

We rely on café sales to remain viable and keep our private session fees relatively low, so please encourage the purchasing of drinks and snacks from us during play. You are allowed to bring your own food & drink if you are using the private session for a party or celebration, but this must be for the children during the party celebration only, while sitting at the dedicated party furniture. Please do not consume your own food or drink during the whole private session, or in any area other than the party area.

Food allergies

If you are bringing your own produce for the party area, it is your responsibility to ensure your party food is safe for all attendees with regard to allergies.


Cancellations up until one week prior to your event will receive a full refund, minus the relatively small transaction fee we have already paid. Additional costs we may have incurred specifically because of your booking (for example, special requests that require ad-hoc planning work or 3rd party costs) will also be deducted from any refunds. We cannot refund deposits for cancellations with less than one week remaining until the event date unless we are able to re-sell the slot. Most party bookings are made well in advance, so late cancellations can prevent us from making a sale.  If you paid the full amount when booking, we will deduct £50 from your refund payment and apply the same rule as above.

Additional items, props, decorations, etc.

Any electrical items or props you are planning to bring should be checked with us first. For example, a sound system or piñatas. Any items deemed to be dangerous for a children’s party setting are strictly not allowed. For example, but not limited to:

  • your own kettle/water boiler
  • soup heaters or other types of food heaters
  • electrical items or toys/props not in perfect working order and tested where relevant
  • open flames (other than candles on a birthday cake)


Any breakages/damage caused during your party may be charged to you at the time.

Time extension

As the play centre is being kept open solely for your group, please be aware that any unreasonable extension to the two-hour slot may incur an additional charge. Please endeavour to have all guests out of the building by the end of your session time. Hosts will be allowed a reasonable clearing up time after the session ends, as long as it does not delay our staff during their own clearing up tasks.


If your booking involves other parents dropping their children off and leaving them in your care, you MUST ensure there is adequate adult supervision in the play centre for all party guests at all times. As a sensible guide, this would be a maximum of 6 children per adult.

Our booking system stores any personal data you enter to make the booking (except credit card security numbers), and your email address may be added to our communication database, but this will only be used to communicate with you either about your booking or for other topics directly related with The Square. You can easily unsubscribe from this by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email from us. Read our full privacy policy