Official Stuff

Just like any other cafe, customers are not allowed to bring their own food or drink to The Square. There are only two exceptions:

  1. Baby products – we recognise that babies have very specific requirements and it’s impractical for us to try and cater for them. You may bring along any food or drink for your baby only.
  2. Specific dietary needs – if you have specific dietary requirements then please consider eating before or after your visit, as having customers consuming their own products on site makes if far harder for us to control this. If you are planning on purchasing our food but some of your party have specific dietary requirements that we cannot meet, please tell us beforehand, to avoid embarassment should we challenge you.
    We cannot allow any other options – for example, bringing along your favourite snack or drink because we don’t sell them is not an important dietary requirement!

We are not doing this to be awkward, we need cafe sales to keep our business viable, just like every other food business in the country. Our cafe is competitive compared to any other of a similar quality. You are of course under no obligation to purchase anything from us during your visit, but that is not justification for bringing your own. We provide chilled & filtered drinking water free of charge to keep children hydrated – if you wish to consume your own products then please do so before or after your visit.