Toddler Area

This is a specially designed frame comprising approx 25m² of play space, along with an enclosed padded play area to the front and lots of interactive pieces.

It’s in the rear corner of the room, close enough to everything else to retain the atmosphere but far enough away to create a sheltered corner for parents & toddlers to play safely. It did also have a ball pit, in the area at the bottom of the slide, but we replaced the balls with various padded building blocks during the Covid pandemic and decided to keep it that way. It’s also right next to the Baby Room, so those parents with a baby and toddler may still be able to watch them both from one place.

This area has a height restriction which roughly equates to a max. age of around 3 years. Obviously children do not usually respect height restrictions, so we also rely on parents to make sure their bigger children do not play in this area.