We have two membership levels…

1. Membership² (monthly subscription)

Our Membership² (“Membership Squared”) level offers unlimited free entry for a set monthly fee (plus discounts on café prices and entrance prices for guests). And the best thing is, Squared members don’t need to prebook during peak times, they can turn up for any play session that we have running, even if it’s full!

Our memberships run monthly, you can start or leave in any month of the year – unlike most other memberships, we don’t require you to commit to a full year of payments

No. of children Price
For 1 child £23 per month
For 2 children £43 per month
For 3 children £60 per month
For 4 children £75 per month
One free adult is also included with each subscribed child.

You’ll receive a membership card for use in our cafe, along with a unique 20% discount online code. Most customers save £s by joining – you only need to visit us twice/month to start saving money-  but members tend to visit far more often after joining. 

If you’d like to join our SQUARED scheme you only need to do two things:

1. Make your first monthly payment
Use the link below, select the number of children you wish to subscribe and after payment we’ll set you up on our system. You’ll receive 3 emails in total.

i)   An order confirmation immediately
ii). A 2nd email with more info, this means your order is being processed.
iii) A 3rd email, confirming your membership start date. 

All memberships start from the 1st of the month following this initial payment. This payment covers that first month’s membership.

SQUARED Membership

2. Set up a standing-order for all subsequent months
Your first payment above covers your first month of membership. After that, payment must be made by standing order, on the 1st of each month. Our bank details are:

Play Wells Ltd

Please use your name as the payment reference (IE. the same name used to make the payment above)

*Membership always runs from the 1st of the month, regardless of your initial payment date, so please ensure your standing order is set for the 1st of the month. If your payment isn’t made on the 1st your membership will be put on hold and may be cancelled.

(Please read the ‘terms of use‘ below before joining)

      1. There is no limit to the number of times you may visit each month.
      2. Each child subscribed includes one free adult.
      3. The membership will be started in the name of the person who makes payment, but it relates to the child(ren), not the adult. For example, your child(ren) may visit with a partner or grandparent instead of you, but you or they cannot use the membership to bring a different child(ren).
      4. Your member’s coupon code, for claiming your 20% discount when booking guests, will be set-up with the email address used when starting your membership. It will only work with that email but you must not share your code with anyone else. Any guest benefitting from the discount MUST be accompanying you on the same session. You cannot use your discount to book for people who are visiting at a separate time.
      5. Your membership does not start immediately after your initial online payment, it will start from the 1st of the month following payment. Your initial payment covers you for that first month.
      6. You must not pass your card onto anyone else, except where it’s an alternative adult bringing the same child(ren), as explained in point ‘3’ above. We reserve the right to cancel a membership at any time if we believe it is being abused.
      7. Membership is purchased in whole months. You must set up a monthly standing order with your bank, for the 1st day of each month (except the initial month, which is covered by your initial payment online). This must be a standing order, rather than a manual BACs payment, as many people DO forget to make their payments! A standing order is fully under your control, you can cancel it at any time, we have no control over it.

        Our bank details for your standing order are:

        Account Name:
        Play Wells Ltd
        Account No: 75175290
        Sort Code: 60-23-06

      8. There is no min/max. term, as long as you keep the standing order in place your membership will remain active. The only exception to this is for private-hire discounts…
        Private-hire bookings: due to the substantial discount that SQUARED members enjoy, if you wish to claim a member’s discount on private-hire bookings, you must have been a member for at least 3 months (IE. made at least 3 membership payments) and you must still be a member at the time of your private-hire session. To get the discount on private-hire bookings, you must select the ‘pay in full’ option on the booking and not the ‘deposit’ option.
      9. Membership runs for the whole month following each payment. If your standing order is cancelled, your membership will automatically be cancelled at the end of month in which your final payment was made. We cannot give refunds for part months.
      10. The standing order is fully under your control, so if you wish to cancel please let us know and ensure your standing order is cancelled with your bank. We cannot give refunds for monthly payments made after you have cancelled your membership unless we already knew about the cancellation and it is simply an oversight. Conversely, should you cancel your membership payment without advising us and then visit us again using the same membership privileges (during a month that is unpaid), you will be liable for our normal admission prices for each visit.
      11. You may cancel your membership at any time, as it is a monthly scheme.  However, to protect the spirit of the scheme, if you cancel your membership you may not join the scheme again for at least one calendar year from the month of cancellation. The scheme relies on everyone using it flexibly; if members signed up only for busy months and cancelled each time they couldn’t visit, the scheme would be unworkable.
      12. Having a membership2 card does not mean we cannot refuse entry. It gives no ‘rights of entry’ over and above those of normal customers (for example, if we were hosting a private event). There may also be rare occasions when we have reached max. capacity and may have to refuse entry. As we now have much better control of capacity on PEAK days with pre-booked sessions this should be very rare, but it’s not impossible, for example, for all of our Squared members to turn up for the same session on the same day when it’s also already fully-booked!
      13. Please note, our opening hours may change at any time dependant on trading patterns or other factors. Squared members do not need to prebook during peak times, even when a session is fully booked, but you must check the booking calendar just before visiting us to make sure the session you’re attending is actually running. The calendar also shows how many spaces are remaining for any session, should you wish to avoid busier sessions. If you are planning on bringing guests with you, you must check capacity and book them in beforehand. Please don’t turn up to a full session expecting to be able to pay on the door for other guests.
      14. The membership card itself remains the property of The Square.

    2. Basic Membership (Free)

    This scheme is completely free, it is based only on your custom and is to reward our most regular customers. It offers discounts on café purchases and entry fees and is a great way to save money…for FREE!  Basic members receive a unique code, which gives 10% discount against all of our standard prices for online pre-booking or private hire (see Terms of Use below). They also receive a membership card which can be used on site to get small discounts on many cafe purchases.

    All you have to do is prove you’re a regular customer, it’s that simple. For the purposes of first becoming a member we have deemed a ‘regular’ to be somebody who visits us around once per fortnight. After that, we then base it on at least one visit per month. So if you’d like to become a member, simply ask staff for a receipt for any purchase during each visit (one receipt per visit) and if you can show us 5 receipts dated within a 3 month time-frame you can claim your free membership. We can also do it from your online booking record for peak times, but that obviously will not show any off-peak times you may have visited us.

        1. To claim your membership, each receipt presented (or booking record), must be from a different date.
        2. The card and coupon code are for the use of the named member only. You may not share them with others for them to use separately to you (the only exception to this is the direct partner or associate of the member who is using the card for the same child).
        3. You may use the card to claim discounts for other people in your group but they must be accompanying you at the time and the member must be the one making the purchase. For example, you may not use your member’s discount to book for a friend who is attending without you.
        4. There is no min. or max. membership term, you will remain a member as long as you remain a regular customer. We check visit frequencies approx once per month and your membership will be cancelled if that frequency drops below once visit per month. We can make exceptions for this (EG. illness or maternity) but this membership is a reward for regular custom, so we have to be strict with it to maintain fairness for all regulars.
        5. If you do have your membership cancelled you can restart it again by simply going through the original application process.
        6. Private Hire – to get your discount on a Private Hire booking, you must select the ‘pay full amount’ when booking. Your discount code will not work if you select ‘deposit only’.  You must also be a member at the time of booking AND at at the time your private hire session occurs.
        7. Membership does not confer any privileges over-and-above normal customers. It may give you other advantages from time to time (over and above membership discounts) but being a member does not give, for example, any special rights of entry during particularly busy times.
        8. We reserve the right to cancel a membership card and coupon at any time if we believe it is being abused.
        9. The card itself remains the property of The Square.